This year’s fundraising will be a combination of (10) Green Valley Gift Cards and apparel purchases/sales. Besides the (10) gift cards and purchasing the (3) Player Required apparel items, we would like each player to sell an additional (7) apparel items, gift cards or a combination of both.

  1. Order & Payments
    1. Apparel – Orders and payments will be on on-line starting 3/11 at All orders for the apparel (except Superfan shirts) must be completed by 3/18 in order to receive them before the first game.  Superfan t-shirt orders are due by 3/25
    2. Green Valley Gift Cards – Parents will sign and pay for a minimum of (10) gift cards. All money collected from the sale of the gift cards will be yours to keep (have all checks made out to you). Your checks for the gift cards will not be deposited until after 4/12 to allow you to sell the cards and collect your funds.  Please let the coach or a captain know if you would like to sell additional cards.
  2. Incentives – We are offering the following incentives to help increase sales and reach our goal of (20) items (gift cards or apparel) per player.
    1. Sell 20 or more             Free game socks
    2. Sell 25 or more             Free crew-neck sweatshirt
    • For every (5) items sold over the (20) minimum, the player will be entered into a drawing for three cash prizes

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